About Me

Who is James Reppart?

Good Question. To start James Reppart is AKA Jim Reppart, and to some just Jimmy. Those that call me Jimmy say it fits me better than James, but that’s another topic.

Who is James Reppart? I’m married to the greatest woman on the globe and father to the greatest kids on earth. I define myself as a true “against the flow” kind of person. I’m finding it more and more difficult to fight the flow, for the currents seem to get stronger everyday, but the fight is worth the battle. This blog is just random thoughts I have, stuff I’m reading and dealing with, all for the sake of “Going Against The Flow.” And by the way….I so love my wife, and have a shirt that say so.

I’m a geek who loves everything Apple and I love to FIGHT. I’m a Funeral Director by trade, a preacher by calling, and as my friend calls me, “an encyclopedia of useless knowledge,” due to my passion for reading.