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Another Reason To Get Out of Bed

Why do you get out of bed? I really resonate with the second point from the FuneralOne blog.  F. Todd Winninger has a list of 6 things that get the Funeral Director out of bed every morning. #2: The “Corporal Works … Continue reading

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How does Google work?

Have you ever wondered how Google does what it does? This infographic does a great job of explain how Google does its magic.

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How to become good at something

I love this quote from an email I received today. Learning shouldn’t be relegated to your leftover time and attention. The best way to give learning and improvement the best chance of sticking is to treat them like any other … Continue reading

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Save a few clicks – avoid carpal tunnel

Maybe the title is a little over the top, but maybe not… This post from “the official Gmail blog” highlights a quick tip for adding an event to your google calendar. Now we can schedule directly from an email without … Continue reading

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Ironic…Driving to “Work” listening to “Quitter”

Driving almost 2 hrs a day to and from work, allows me quality time to listen to tons of sermons, podcasts, and audiobooks. My newest audio adventure in my “Drive Time University” is Quitter. The first section, “Don’t Quit Your … Continue reading

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