Halloween: A relational event?

For most; it is after Halloween that we begin to look forward to the “Big 2” of “Church” holidays. the first being Thanksgiving where we are mindful of the blessings of God and the second, Christmas, where we remember the birth of Christ, the greatest gift. But in the “Church” world Halloween is often overlooked as something worth celebrating. I’m guilty. But after this past monday, I’m rethinking Halloween. We ought to officially recognize it every week. The church says it relational, but we really do a poor job in general.

A couple of cool relational things about Halloween:
* Friends from my neighborhood come to my front door, unannounced, to visit.
* I get the chance to meet neighbors that I haven’t met before.
* I have the opportunity to engage in conversations I would not normally have.
* Hot dogs are great after a night of “trick or treat.”
* My kids are darn cute when they dress up in costumes.
* I have a rich assortment of candy that I can steal from my kids.
* I get to enjoy a fun evening with my family and friends.

Now that’s relational!
Just a thought.

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FBFJ - November 9, 2005 Reply

It sounds to me that everyday should be Halloween as far as the church is concerned. Everyday we should be out in the community visiting with people we don’t know and dropping in on frieds to see how they are doing.

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